Pure beeswax super elegant birthday candles perfect for those who value naturallness and style. Decorate you birthday cake on this special occasion or enjoy it as a daily zen ritual in either Oak or Porcelain Canele candle holder. 


These candles smell like fresh honeycomb and that instantly takes you to wild meadows full of bee-loving flowers reconnecting you with nature. Arrange it playfully with other artistic objects of your admiration to create an inspiring atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones. 


Beeswax candles purify air as they burn and are dripless in a draft free area. 


Designed and made in Lithuania (EU) by OVO Things. 


Shibumi is an exclusive representative of OVO Things in New Zealand. 

Natural Birthday Candles - 10 units

    • Pure beeswax birthday candles with multicolored cotton wicks
    • Handmade, natural and non-toxic, no artificial color or scent is added
    • 100% beeswax, 100% cotton wicks 
    • 5 mm diameter, 125 mm long 
    • 10 units in a box, mixed colours of the wicks 
    • Be cautious and never leave burning unattended
    • The candles can touch food directly, just put them into your cake (make sure it is not straight from the oven, let a cake cool first!)