At Shibumi we're here to help you create your daily zen rituals by offering exquisite quality ceremonial and premium grade matcha teas from the famous Uji region of Japan alongside other inspirational artistic items that elevate our everyday lives.


Our passion for matcha goes a long way back, so as a start-up we are able to share with you a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

For us, matcha is more than a tea. It's a strong evocative force that enables us to see more beauty and infuses with power and calm in everything we do. In a nutshell, it's the ultimate creativity drink. Check out our journal where we share what we know and walk through our lived experience in the matcha world.

We supply Clearspring brand matcha, which is a British brand founded by a Kiwi from Taranaki, Christopher Dawson.

Chris lived in Japan for more than 20 years passionately involved with authentic Japanese foods which were slowly being eradicated by industrialised food practices. He found new markets for these foods abroad, particularly in the UK, which was tuning into natural, organic and healthy lifestyles.

Chris eventually moved to London with his Japanese family to start Clearspring. The company recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and is going strong serving its quality-loving customers around the world.


We're honoured to represent Clearspring in New Zealand and to collaborate with artists who add meaning and beauty to modern tea time ritual experiences.

Watch video about Clearspring matcha