How to make matcha

Updated: May 9, 2019

The whole matcha affair may seem a bit troublesome at first for newcomers into the so called Whipped Tea school. After all it takes a bit more time and effort than using a tea bag. But once you crack the basics, you are definitely going to enjoy your daily matcha rituals elegantly and at ease. So what are the key steps in whisking a bowl of matcha?

how to make matcha whisking

Warm the matcha bowl with hot water and dry it well with a cloth. It is also recommended to warm your bamboo whisk by dipping the top of it into hot water, especially if it is brand new and never has been used before.

Once the bowl and the bamboo whisk are ready, add 1 gram of matcha powder (1/4 of a teaspoon) and pour over 30 ml of hot, but not boiling water (approx. 70-80°C). Whisk it with a bamboo whisk until frothy making a gentle circle on the surface of the froth once you are done.

Whisking may not come easy at first and can take some practice to master (it’s all in the wrist!), but this is nothing to be discouraged about. You’ll soon get the hang of it and can revel in your frothy masterpiece. Imagine making a shape of the "W" letter with your wrist moving it at the highest frequency possible. Do not apply too much force but don't be shy either. It is all about striking the right balance! Whisking matcha is like having a conversation, and the tea will tell you right away if your are being too strong or too weak. In this way your daily matcha ritual is a very good self reflection exercise.

The tea is usually drunk in small amounts, but you can adjust the concentration depending on individual needs and desires. It is a superfood, so 1 gram is a perfect portion, but if you feel like a double shot, why not?

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