Beautifully imperfect ceramic bowls

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

This natural ash, mixed clay, wood fired matcha chawan was created for us by renowned Lithuanian artist Dormante Penkinski. Although it's now in the hands of a dedicated matcha lover, it still remains one of the most original and unique matcha chawans that we've come across.

Matcha chawan by Dormante Penkinski by Shibumi New Zealand

This beautiful chawan was created using one of the most archaic and complex Japanese pottery technologies, rarely used today. The bowl was wood-fired at 1,300°C for three days non-stop where melting natural wood ash played an important role in the artistic process.

This slow technological approach leads to unpredictable artistic results which are not only charged with strong fire energy but also pleases our eyes with accident, roughness, asymmetry and empty spaces. It's a timeless and functional piece of art which becomes more valuable with time.

This line of work epitomises the very essence of Shibumi as an ode to beautiful imperfection.

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