Ceramic matcha bowls or chawans as they are called in Japan are specifically commissioned by us to elevate your matcha drinking experience. We personally tested many bowls to find qualities and characterics that not only articulate the nuansed taste of matcha - they also are artistic pieces in their own right. These bowls are hand made employing raku method and so each piece is one of a kind. 


Raku technique was developed by potter Chojiro and tea master Rikiu in mid 16th century Japan to specifically make chawans in wabi sabi aesthetic style for tea ceremonies. 


Our line of raku matcha bowls are hand made by ceramic artist Dormante Penkinski. She lives in Gojus village near Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania - with her artist husband Jurgis Penkinski as well as a bunch of wild goats and dogs. She creates raku bowls as well as fires a Japanese kiln couple times a year to make natural ash and shino glaze ceramics. Dormante is passionate about Japanese shintoism and wabi sabi aesthetics. 

Ceramic raku bowl for matcha - Chawan by Dormante Penkinski Nr.2

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  • Height 65mm

    Diameter 120mm

    Handmade (no wheel)


    Fired in low temperature

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