Getting into your matcha ritual may seem a bit troublesome at first. You’ve got matcha, but then you need a whisk. You’ve got matcha and a whisk, but then what about the bowl? Then there’s this bamboo scoop - do I  really need that? Oh, and it’d be great to learn about the philosophy and aesthethics behind the Japanese tea ceremonies, but I’m tired of browsing the internet, a little book might be helpful.


So we’ve put together a complete ceremonial matcha kit to save you the bother. It includes everything you need to start enjoying your daily zen rituals including that little book so you can fully embrace the tea spirit.


What elevates this kit is a unique Dormante Penkinski raku bowl, which embodies the spirit of wabi-sabi aesthetics. It is light yet grounding, rough yet smooth, balanced yet assymetric – a perfect union of the opposites. Beautiful imperfection with a character that resonates deeply with our subconcious for its natural texture, irrational aesthetics and accidental artistic elements. Looking both ancient and modern it transcends time evoking contemplation on the beauty wrapped in every moment.


It is a beautiful piece of functional art that can be used everyday in your matcha rituals or given as a special gift to the loved ones.


Ceremonial matcha kit with Dormante Penkinski raku bowl and Leonard Koren book

SKU: DP001
  • The kit includes:

    • Clearspring ceremonial matcha (30g)
    • Bamboo whisk (100 tines)
    • Bamboo scoop
    • White ceramic raku matcha bowl by Dormante Penkinski (H65xD120mm)
    • Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren


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